VisitorApp is a powerful, cloud-native marketing and ecommerce solution that revolutionizes the way businesses can market to, sell to, and interact with their customers. Because VisitorApp is built using the JuicEcommerce framework and utilizes blockchain technology, it offers utmost versatility, scalability, security, and data privacy protection.

VisitorApp marketing advantages

  • Learn more about your customers’ behavior and preferences.
  • Take advantage of direct marketing features such as targeted promotional offers pushed directly to users’ wallets – wallet marketing.
  • Event driven architecture means that you can automatically trigger actions based on transactional activity – Are users at a certain location? Then Promote nearby opportunities.
  • Easily include available data into existing tools such as marketing automation platforms or customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Easily manage ticket allotments: see what is available and where. Reassign them as needed to most effectively promote events and activities.

VisitorApp sales advantages

  • Provide a unique customer experience and offer new communication channels.
  • Create and manage offers for products and services through tickets, coupons, and vouchers.
  • Allow or prohibit transferring your offers, and set inception and expiration dates.
  • Easily include and cooperate with partners independent of their physical location or system landscape to create more attractive offers.
  • See when and where activity is occurring and react in real time with relevant offers.
  • Utilize time-based management of visitor traffic via quotas, sorting, and vouchers.

VisitorApp advantages for organizations

  • Individually adaptable to the region, city, location, or event organizer (white labelling available).
  • Ensure acceptance of terms and conditions through wallet activation. Conform to data privacy regulations, and adhere to regulations such as crowd limits via digital management.
  • Additional providers can join the network without the need for agreements or collaboration among all network partners.
  • A shared trust platform that ensures transaction security for all participants.
  • Give your city, region, or event an identity, a common voice and presence, und a unified user experience.

VisitorApp advantages for users

  • Enjoy exclusive access to tickets, vouchers, and coupons for shopping, events, and activities.
  • Make purchases in advance or on the fly. Use VisitorApp for planning a vacation, purchasing concert tickets or just doing your daily shopping.
  • Buy tickets for public transportation whenever you need, anywhere and at any time.
  • Want to give a gift to a friend? Transferring items from one wallet to another is quick and easy.
  • Blockchain and cloud-based technologies ensure transactions are always trustworthy and secure.

VisitorApp provides a fully integrated approach to bringing communities, event organizers, vendors, and service providers together with all of their potential customers. If so desired, the platform also enables these diverse groups to easily create cross-promotional opportunities including transregional cooperations.

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