Sometimes planning or regulations require that only a limited number of people are allowed at event locations. How do you manage this though if the location should be freely accessible to visitors or the public? The answer is simple – VisitorApp FlowControl.

Maximum flexibility

VisitorApp FlowControl provides both organizers and end users with simple, real-time information about the current capacity and availability at a location or event.

  • Reservations
    Allow visitors to make reservations to better plan capacities, serve groups, or ensure available space for specific guests.
  • Adjustable time limits
    Set the time for how long a digital admission ticket remains valid and display the time remaining to the user.
  • Offline accessibility
    Visitors without a smartphone can print an admission ticket at home or receive a printed copy on site to gain entry.
  • Modular design
    Enjoy the additional features and functionality of VisitorApp, such as digital customer cards, online ticket sales, direct communication via smartphone, and digital voucher and coupon management.

Fast and easy

Set up VisitorApp FlowControl within minutes. Simply log into VisitorApp and enter your data such as opening hours. Place tablets/readers at the entrances and exits and print tickets from within the software. End-users, i.e. your customers, don’t have to have the app or even a mobile device to interact with the system.

FlowControl Resources

Your customers enjoy maximum simplicity:

  1. Take a ticket
  2. Scan the ticket
  3. Ready to leave? Scan the ticket again

You always have an overview. You see how many visitors are currently present, how many were there in total and when. Via push notifications, you have the ability to contact your customers later anonymously.

The app offers further advantages

When end users digitalize their admission tickets and use VisitorApp, they always have everything at hand. And that’s just the beginning.


Install the app

Customers install VisitorApp - no registration is necessary.


Scan the ticket

By pressing a button in the app, a customer scans the QR code shown on the admission ticket and transfers it to the app


Enjoy the advantages

A digital customer card and your admission ticket is now in the app. The customer never needs the paper ticket again. Customers then have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of VisitorApp, such as reservations, vouchers and mobile online shopping for your offers.

Price Overview*

VisitorApp FlowControl
VisitorApp FlowControl
FlowControl - Users per day or eventup to 1,000starting at 1,000
FlowControl - VisitorApp
FlowControl - VisitorApp Manager
FlowControl - capacity dashboard
Online timeslot reservations
Offline functionality
Spontaneous visitors
Group processing
App design customization
Set up a branch solution for multiple shops or areas
Online instructions
E-mail support
Telephone hotline - extended
(Mo.-Sa.: 7:00 am - 12:00 am)
One-time setup0.00 EUR **Price upon request
Monthly service fee79.00 EUR / MonthPrice upon request
Optional Expansions
Online instruction and training499 EURPrice upon request
Access terminal / hardware incl. setupCustomizable upon requestCustomizable upon request

* All prices are subject to value added tax.
** Until July 31, 2020

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