Whether you’re new to a city or attending a major event, have all the options at your fingertips. VisitorApp is the highly advanced and sustainable way to experience events and travel destinations.

  • Smart Ticketing
    Be part of it! Enjoy exclusive access to tickets, vouchers, and coupons for events and special occasions.
  • Smart Tourism
    Plan your trip well in advance or on the fly. See what‘s available and purchase tickets when you want — no lines, no waiting.
  • Smart Public Transport
    Buy tickets for the public transportation you need, anywhere and at any time.
  • Easy Asset Transfer
    Want to give a ticket to a friend? Transfer from your wallet to hers by just scanning the QR code.
  • Simple and Secure
    Blockchain and cloud-based technologies ensure transactions are simple, always trustworthy, and secure.
Browse the various assets available in the marketplace. Book events, or buy tickets to see attractions or use services.

Explore the World on Your Terms

VisitorApp is a revolutionary new way to explore and experience events, cities, and regions. As the ideal solution for event attendees or for tourists and residents in a city or metropolitan area, VisitorApp helps users to enjoy one of the major advantages of mobile technology by providing better access to the events, activities, services, and products they need. Users can browse the app or, by scanning a QR code, access detailed information about a place or event and immediately purchase tickets. Checking for availability or standing in line are a thing of the past. Take advantage of promotional offers and exclusive deals as well. Enjoy the perks of being a valued customer. Digital assets are also extremely turstworthy because the underlying technology ensures that all assets in your wallet are valid, no matter if you purchase tickets months in advance or get them outside the door from some guy who, at the last minute, “can‘t attend.”


Digital transformation means providing greater access to services and information while creating new opportunities, maximizing return on investment, and reducing environmental impact — it's being smart.

Transfer an asset from another wallet to your own by simply scanning the displayed QR code with your mobile device.
  • Digital Asset Management
    Create and manage any number of digital assets such as tickets, coupons, vouchers, contracts, and identities.
  • Asset Control
    Contingency management and request approvals, allow or prohibit asset transfer, and set inception and expiration dates.
  • Legal Protection
    Ensure acceptance of terms and conditions through wallet activation and conform to regulations via asset control.
  • Realtime Oversight
    Add new assets or make adjustments to react to marketing opportunities, steer crowds, or promote particular activities.
  • Simple Partnerships
    Additional providers can join the network without the need for agreements or collaboration among the network partners.

VisitorApp Shows the Way

Discovery as a Service (DaaS) is fast becoming an essential part of event management, tourism, smart-city development, and more, but what is it? In short, it’s providing people with trustworthy, relevant information as well as instant access to the assets, products, and services they need. Combined with data-driven, targeted marketing, Discovery as a Service has led to a revolution in the way businesses and organizations reach their customers. It solves the dilemma of how customers find what they need when they’re sometimes not even sure what they are looking for. Events struggle with engagement, crowd control, or inclement weather. Cities or municipalities disappoint with a lack of parking, tourist distribution, and pollution. Local citizens are frequently unaware of available services and opportunities. VisitorApp provides an extensible framework to offer a revolutionary new solution to organizations that face these and similar challenges.